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Mozilla at the First Saturday of Free Software

I talked about that in my last article about Mozilla Spaces. In this blog post, I said that it could be great to take over public places, such as museums. Well, it's in preparation, because on July 7th, MozillaFR dream team invested the First Saturday at the City of Science and Industry of Paris.

This event is organized every first Saturday of each month. The goal is to install GNU/Linux on computers that visitors bring. This may range from last fashionable EeePC to the tower recovered in a garage sale last summer. It is set since 2008 by Parinux, a LUG (Linux User Group).

What will we do during this event? Well, it will depend on what we found. Program : reception, support, help and information about projects, explanation of all kinds, evangelization, ... And why not making converts or even volunteers, maybe!

Whether you're already a fan of Mozilla or simply curious, whether you use Linux or not, please visit us at the CSI, July 7th, 14h-18h.

Access: 30, Avenue Corentin Cariou, 75019 Paris. Niveau -1 Carrefour Numérique.
Metro : Ligne 7, station Porte de la Villette
Bus : 75, 139, 150, 152, PC1 et PC2, station Porte de la Villette

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