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In France, we have a diploma named B2i, or Informatics and Internet Diploma. It's a diploma given to students in primary education, in secondary school and in high school, but also for adults. Created by french Ministry of national education, it contains 5 different domains, each containing different goals according to the level:

  • Domain 1: taking a computer environment
  • Domain 2: adopting a responsible attitude
  • Domain 3: creating, producing, treating and exploiting data
  • Domain 4: finding information and to making researches
  • Domain 5: communicating and exchanging

If the basic idea is very interesting, it is often quite difficult to implement it for teachers. Here, the goal is not to train teachers specialized in B2i skills, it is the professors who make over their students and must ensure that capacity is well validated for each student. So the B2i is more often a cause of problems for teachers than a real enrichment of education instilled to students. Not to mention the reluctance of teachers in from of skills they mastered a little or not at all.

And Mozilla in all this? How could Mozilla support teachers in this task? If one reads the Mozilla Manifesto, you can find some answers:

  • The Internet is an integral part of modern life - a key component in education [...].
  • The Internet is a global public resource that must remain open and accessible.
  • The Internet should enrich the lives of of individual human beings.
  • Individuals must have the ability to shape their own experiences on the Internet.
  • Transparent community-based processes promote participation, accountability, and trust.

Well, okay, Mozilla could (should ?) do something to help teachers, but it's easier saying it than doing it. Where do we start first? Maybe creating a education's community with the aim to support teachers? Maybe making more interventions more frequently in schools? Maybe producing course content to validate the skills B2i?
To begin, this third option may be a solution called "low-hanging fruit". Creating a small group of teachers and volunteers who help Mozilla producing content optimized for technical B2i, but as generic and complete as possible, so that content can be reused anywhere in the world. It is necessary that the content is "hackable": any teacher in France or in the world should be able to modify it according to his need.

The question that remains in my mind is means to use. After some discussions during events or simply by talking around me, I got some contacts in the world of education who are willing to help in this task, but how to present the project to this heterogeneous group ? Which tool can be mastered by every volunteer ? A project Drumbeat ? A forum? A mailing-list?

While waiting to answer this question, I had fun with a tool that has been produced by Kaze, Timesheet. For the demo, post here it goes (but it's in French).

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Hug them all

A little post just to do an overview about the first Mozilla Free Hugs Party, last Saturday. Everyone was very motivated on both sides: volunteers and persons present during the event. Of course, it isn't very usual to see a big plush walking in the Parisian streets, even less one with a Free Hugs notice:

Free hugs Firefox in Paris

But people were globally very friendly and participated with joy. The event was also the occasion for some discussions about Mozilla. If some knew about Firefox and / or used it, not much knew Mozilla or Mozilla Europe.

You can find all pictures on Clarista's Flickr...
Thanks to all the volunteers for their help, it was a lot of fun. An event to do again 🙂


Câlins !

Free as in Free Hugs, not as in Free Beers !

You use Firefox... or not ?
You know what is Free Software ... or not ?
You know what is a Free Hug ... or not ?

First day of the summer, last day of exams' period for most students, we will take the occasion to organize a Mozilla Event: a Free Hugs party.
In Paris, place de l'Odéon, on Saturday, at 3:00 p.m., we invite everyone to come, learn what is a free software and especially what is Mozilla Firefox. And the firefox will be there !!!

So don’t have any hesitation to come and invite your friends: the more, the merrier !

on Facebook:
on Twitter:


Loading FOSDEM

FOSDEM (Free and Open source Software Developers' European Meeting) is a free and non-commercial event organized by the community, for the community. Its goal is to provide Free and Open Source developers a place to meet. The event take place in Brussels, Belgium, 6th and 7th February 2010. For more informations:

As last year, I will be there with the Mozilla Team, my aim for this year is to work on Women & Mozilla project (WoMoz).

See you there !!!


Websites I find usefull

Oh My God, I just been flashed by Kaze and Delphine. No way, I can't run away.

Five rules:

  • Copy the rules in the beginning or at the end of your post
  • Link to the person who tagged you
  • Give the 5 websites you find useful, or that you use the most. Try to explain why!
  • Tag 5 people, and let them know they’ve been tagged
  • The meme doesn't have to stay in English 🙂

Five websites:

  • GeekInc: my Firefox start page. I'm a redactor on this blog but I really like watching podcasts and reading articles of my colleagues. French speaking only.
  • Standblog: best author about standards on the Web, an amazing "boss"and somebody I admire. Both English and French.
  • April: a French association working for promoting and protecting Free Software.
  • Twitter: I'm a Twitter addict, I use this website to do technologic-watched. Reecently, I tried, Free Twitter-like, it's better but there is less persons on it.
  • TellMeWhere: a website where you can find restaurants, pubs, note them and share them with your friends. Really easy to use, in French and in English.

Five victims:

Mitchell Baker: I think it could be interesting to know what is her favorite websites.
Tristan Nitot: I finish your twitter widget before the end of the year, promise 😉
Claire Desbois: that'll learn you leaving France for Canada
Pascal Chevrel: because you were my favorite internship's responsible and a friend.
Jono Bacon: I'm reading The art of Community and I like it.

Dédicace: Delphine, je te zut.