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2011 November – Ubuntu Party

It's been a long time that I posted something in my blog. With my final dissertation, this last month was quiet difficult. But I'm back !

Last week end, Ubuntu Party 11.10 take place at Paris' science museum, Cité des Sciences et de l'Industrie. It's an event organized by the French community of Ubuntu. During 3 days, this association invested Carrefour Numérique of this great Paris museum to install its boxes of goodies, its volunteers, speakers and other partner organizations. So I held on Mozilla stand for 2 days (Friday and Sunday), supported by excellent Clochix, Florian, Paul, among others.

Let's start with negatives points, it will be done:

  • for Ubuntu-fr: the first day, the stands were installed outside of the Digital Carrefour. Most of visitors came to ask us the way to expositions, to the subway, to the toilets, etc.. We even made a game with others volunteers from Wikimedia France to see who would have the most of questions not related to its business. I think it's Wikimedia which won on this one!
  • for Frenchmozilla and Mozilla in general: there was a big lack of goodies, particularly for volunteers. It should be a great idea to develop conference / stand kits, so we would not have to reinvent everything for each event. A volunteer flyers, like April "Guide du bénévole" could be great. It would be usefull to reprint Manifesto in French.

Now, positives points:

  • the Ubuntu Party is a great "inter-projects" networking event: it is easy to have news of other French associations, such as April, Framasoft, Wikimedia, OpenStreetMap France, etc.. It helps to update the news of each of these projects.
  • the Ubuntu Party is organized in a large Parisian museum, which brings a lot of visibility, especially to a general public. It's in direct contact with users of free software and potentially volunteers for local projects (I am myself a Mozilla contributor recruited during an Ubuntu Party, thank you Pascal 🙂 ). To give you an idea, the Ubuntu Party attracted 3,258 visitors over 3 days, with 995 people on the first day, and it was a holiday.
  • at the Mozilla booth, we used a demo of MDN to "attract visitors": the Nyan Cat in HTML5. This demo is a magnet for questions!

Some remarks nor negative nor positive, that could improve Mozilla's involvement in this type of event:

  • we had Mozilla Manifesto in English ... They are all gone, despite of the language!
  • we must think to schedule workshops in such conference to highlight new features and technologies used by Mozilla.

As every 6 months, a very addictive and exciting event. And last but not least, all the pictures I took of the Party is on Flickr CC-BY-SA: => HERE <=.

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